Athletics Day 2016

This past Friday, 19 August saw the much anticipated WSPS annual Sports Day finally taking place. The rescheduling of this event was necessary following the extreme rainfall earlier in the month but despite the logistical challenges this posed, the staff and children rose to the challenge to produce an excellent display of competitive athletics. The spirit in the stands from both children and parents made for a morning filled with cheers, laughter and achievement. Congratulations must go to everyone involved in making the day such a success, from teachers and helpers, to supporters and support staff. It truly was a wonderful morning where the community had an opportunity to come together and celebrate the efforts and talents of our athletes. Congratulations to Atholl house for emerging as overall winners of the Athletics trophy and to Braemar house for winning both the relay and house spirit trophies. Special congratulations to our Victor Ludorum, Kwanele Ntshangase and our Victrix Ludorum, Ashley Gross-Mitchell for winning these coveted awards as the meetings top individual athletes.

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