One component of the WSPS environmental sustainability and recycling programme is an interclass competition to see who can collect the most bread tags in a year. This fierce competition for bragging rights provides direct benefits to the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa (QASA). Mrs Sue Martin, a QASA representative who finds herself reliant on her wheelchair for mobitlity, was invited to school assembly last week to launch the 2018 version of this interclass competition. Bread tags have good recycling value and every 200kg collected raises enough money for QASA to purchase one wheelchair. The bread tags collected at WSPS are taken to a recycling company and the money paid for the bread tags is used to purchase wheelchairs for the underprivileged.  The bread tags in turn are used to make seedling trays, clothes hangers, picture frames etc. The breadtags in this photograph will be transported to Bread tags for Wheelchairs in Cape Town, an NPO run by Mary Honeybun. Please visit to read up on the interesting story of how important this recycling project is.

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