Camp Out – a night filled with excitement and laughter!!

This past weekend reminded me of the inherent truth contained in the well-known expression “no man is an island”. The staff of a school are often left with a feeling of fighting a lone battle against the negative influences of the world when it comes to teaching children. Constant pressures from society at large, stakeholders in the school and the ever present powerful influence of peer pressure sometimes creates an impression for teachers that as a school we are an island trying to keep children safe in a sea of negative influence. So this weekend at the Campout I was very pleasantly reminded that we at WSPS have immense community support and are certainly not an island. Walking around on the evening, speaking to parents and children, watching the interactions and  listening to the sounds of community spirit in the night air, it was clear that the community was standing together and sharing the wonderful Campout experience. As the staff of our wonderful school, this show of community involvement and support indeed provided a happy mid-term boost as we were reminded of the positive relationship our community has with the school.

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Over 550 children created a colourful tent city on the Wandsbeck Oval and the night was filled with the sound of excitement and laughter. The grade 7 games proved to be an immensely popular start to the night and we thank Mrs Pillay and her team of staff and grade 7’s for all their effort and enthusiasm. The ever popular inflatables were a hive of activity and provided the children with hours of challenge, fun and friendly rivalry. The amazing sounds and laser shows in the disco proved to be a highlight of the night for many. All of this activity was fueled by a seemingly endless supply of food and cooldrink on sale throughout the evening. The happy faces of children and the sense of community that dominated the night reminded all of us present that this is  undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year for our school and community.

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