Farewell Mrs Dixon

The idea of leaving a legacy is based on being remembered for what you have contributed to the world. Leaving a positive legacy is an important part of your life’s work and develops from a life dedicated to self-reflection and purpose.

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” – Shannon L. Alder

We pay tribute to the legacy left by Mrs Veronica Dixon and the lasting footprints she has made in the lives of those she has touched. Words such as “courageous”, “truly professional”, “strong”, “unwavering”, “dedicated” and “passionate” have been used to describe her and all of these are true reflections of the manner in which she has served our school these past 26 years. After 43 years in education, Mrs Dixon retired at the end of May and was fitting that her last official duty as a member of the staff team was to unveil a plaque renaming our main scoreboard in her honour just before our 1st rugby team took on Highbury.

Mrs Dixon’s legacy was based in teaching and family. She has enlightened and guided the lives of many people who went on to become actors, scientists, doctors, lawyers, financial experts, entrepreneurs, mothers … the list goes on. She is, by definition, a true mentor … someone of experience and knowledge who has directly influenced the personal development and support of others. Some of her mentor relationships have lasted a lifetime and even now, as her mentees have moved on to influence others, her influence on their lives remains strong.

Since finding her way to us here at WSPS in 1993, she has become an integral part of our school history. She has served with 3 different principals and fulfilled the role of Acting Principal on 3 occasions too. This has given her immense insight into the demands of leadership in education and is one of the reasons she has proved to be such a formidable asset to our school. In 2002 the Department of Education recognised her leadership contributions with an award for Excellence in School Leadership. Mrs Dixon had also served on every Governing Body at WSPS since they were introduced in the early 90’s (over 250 Governing Body meetings!) … a truly incredible achievement!

Mrs Dixon is mostly known for her public image of a true professional, a taskmaster, a strong woman, a leader of unwavering dedication, a lady of high standards, and someone who will not hesitate to take action when needed. Whilst all of these attributes are true, Mrs Dixon is far more than this. She is a courageous woman who has faced many challenges in both professional and personal life and proved herself to be what many have called “an incredible woman”. Placing a high priority on family values and serving the best interest of others, driven by a strong maternal instinct for those under her care, and filled with a sense of empathy and sincerity, she has proved herself to be a leader and colleague of the highest calibre.

The special farewell function hosted in our School Hall saw many past and present role players in education and from staff, gathered to celebrate the influential legacy of a remarkable lady. We wish her well in retirement and know that our school will forever hold a special place in her heart … and she will always hold a special place in ours. Mrs Dixon is going to be missed as a key leader in our school and community but will continue in an active role for the WSPS Trust, supporting our ongoing campus development plans.

The staff and children of WSPS held a special final assembly for Mrs Veronica Dixon to celebrate her contribution to our school and wished her well on her retirement.

A wonderful blend of poetry, presentations and singing made for a fitting (and emotional) tribute to our much loved and respected Deputy Principal. After such a long history at WSPS, she will be truly missed by so many people.

We congratulate her on an exceptional career and for being an amazing educator, leader and friend. We truly appreciate what you have done for our school and we hope that your retirement years are filled with much love and laughter. Mrs Dixon – we salute you, Farewell!

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