Heritage Day Festival

The Heritage Day weekend saw WSPS host the inaugural Heritage Day Festival on the Westville Astro. Sport has often shown itself to be a powerful tool in uniting our communities and nation and this weekend saw the highway community unite to celebrate our shared heritage. All the teams present were obviously striving to win, but it was in the camaraderie and common passion for the game that the ultimate winner was found. It turned out to be a memorable weekend for all involved and the spirited vocal support from the spectators, suggested it provided some exciting viewing.
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Such a festival would not be possible without the incredibly hard work and commitment of many people. On behalf of all the players, parents, friends of the school and the community of Westville, we thank all involved in making this dream a reality. In particular, we extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr Shaun Sander and his committee for the passion and dedication they have shown in co-ordinating this weekend’s event. Special thanks to our headline sponsors, CMH Auto Honda Pinetown, John Dory’s and Spur, for their generous support.
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