New Tuckshop Open For Business!

The new Tuckshop facility is now officially open and it is with a great sense of excitement that the team of Mrs Stone and our newly qualified chef Bradley, invite you all to come and sample their excellent offerings. A variety of snacks and light meals are available, with the option of full meals when using the pre-order system. See the attached menu for details on how to make the most of this system.

The Tuck Shop is open throughout the school day, from 07h30 – 14h30, catering for both children and staff. All items are sold on a cash basis or parents can make use of the pre-order system. From an early morning breakfast option, to service at both breaks, and an option for a snack and coffee at the end of the school day for those parents collecting children, there is no reason not to support this exciting new venture! We are sure that parents will find chatting over a coffee and enjoying a snack to be far more enjoyable than waiting in a hot car!

Special thanks to all the moms, dads and friends of the school who will continue to assist in providing service through the school tuckshop. Anyone wishing to become involved can contact Mrs Stone at [email protected]

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