Wandsbeck Field, located in Westville Road, is the School’s main playing field. In summer it serves as the Wandsbeck Cricket Oval, home of the Westville Senior Primary 1st cricket XI. Three high quality cricket practice nets are located in the western corner of the field. An excellent floodlight facility allows for night cricket, always an exciting event!

In winter, Wandsbeck Field is converted into a rugby and soccer field where once again watching these matches under floodlights are highlights of the season, especially when we are playing one of our traditional rivals or in a derby match.

Extensive awning covered seating and a leafy backdrop make for pleasant and comfortable spectator viewing. The Swan Pavilion on the south bank, built by the Trust Fund, provides an excellent venue for teas and post-match functions. Watching matches from the Swan Pavilion balcony provides a comfortable and excellent view of the matches.

Sefton Field is situated to the eastern side of the school alongside Westville Road. Named after the first Principal of the school, Mrs Sefton, it converts from a cricket field in summer to a rugby and soccer field in winter. The Sefton Stands, another Trust Fund project, provides for pleasant viewing of the teams playing.