Speech and Drama Evening at WSPS

The evening of Wednesday, 2 September saw our talented youngsters take to the stage in the Annual Speech and Drama Festival. All the parents and guests who were present experienced a heart-warming evening of theme programmes, choral verse, poetry recitals and an entertaining public speech.

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Congratulations to all the children involved for their amazing performances and their obvious enjoyment of the experience. A massive thank you to all the staff who guided our children through this celebration of Speech and Drama, especially to Mrs Cheryl Nyman for her coordinating the entire evening with such calm efficiency. The support and encouragement of parents on the evening was a wonderful show of community spirit and was appreciated by all involved. The standard of performances by our children was yet another reminder of the depth of cultural talent Westville is fortunate to have, and reinforces our belief that the efforts of our staff in delivering a holistic curriculum are bearing worthwhile fruit for the benefit of our children.

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