B O Y S’   H O C K E Y

Our boys had a very challenging season of hockey. I would like to commend them, however, on their comradeship and enthusiasm.

The following boys were selected for PADSSA :

Jonathan Martin, Tyrone O’Neill, Dylan and Myles Morford, and Calvin Savage.

Tyrone O’Neill was selected for the KZNSCSSA U13C team. Calvin Savage was selected to play in KZNSCSSA U12A team. Congratulations to them both!

All the Senior hockey boys matches were 11-a-side, and we had tough competition. In the second term we had our first matches against Westville Boys High School which the boys thoroughly enjoyed.

In the third term we played various schools and were invited to play in a tournament at Maritzberg College. These games were played on Astro Turf which was great experience for our boys.

My sincere thanks go to the coaches and the parents for all their encouragement and support of the boys.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mrs Linnett for all her hard work and excellent organizational abilities which contributed towards the successful running of our Junior teams.