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The Media Centre


Learners at WSPS visit the Media Centre regularly and enthusiastically. It is a primary hub of the school and a place where the learners feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome.

The Library is well stocked with all of the latest fiction and non-fiction books that are within the learner’s interest and academic level. Grades 4, 5 and 6 have a scheduled lesson in the Media Centre each week while the Grade 7’s use the Media Centre independently for research or relaxation.

Grade 7 media monitors serve their peers with an extremely valuable service by shelving books, putting up displays and helping the junior learners to navigate the online catalogue and find books they are looking for. Anyone visiting the Media Centre in the afternoons will find a vibrant and friendly environment filled with children enjoying reading, learning and sharing ideas.

Team Teaching Room

The Team Teaching Room venue allows for larger groups of people (children, parents or staff) to engage in presentations, large forum discussion, briefing sessions and meetings. It can seat 180. The benefits of larger group engagement on topics of interest are well documented and our team teaching room allows us to make use of this format. Fully equipped with all the technology required for effective presentations, this venue is a well utilised and vital facility.

Science Laboratory

The high value placed on the understanding of scientific method and the scientific approach to problem-solving is evident in the prominence of Science as a subject in the school curriculum. Our fully equipped science laboratory allows our children to fully explore the wonders of science in a controlled and stimulating environment. Exciting and sometimes entertaining experiments bring abstract scientific concepts to life and encourage our children to be more aware of the wonders of science all around them.

Technology Centre

An understanding of the basics of technological systems, structures and impacts on the way in which we live are an essential part of the curriculum. Our Technology Centre is fully equipped with the tools and work space for our children to explore the mechanical and electrical aspects of technology. Emphasis is placed on practical application of technology concepts which proves both a popular and effective learning method.

School Hall


The School Hall is a multi-functional venue. School assemblies, drama productions, choir and musical performances, parent information evenings, book displays, badminton, judo and various other activities are hosted here. The venue is large enough to hold all 700 learners in an assembly but it is the ambition of the school and the Trust Fund to expand the size of the building to cater for the ever increasing space demands of our community and activities.

Music Room

Music Room

The high value we place on the arts (including music) in the development of the creativity and cognitive abilities of our children make the music room a highly valued venue. Well equipped with a variety of instruments, this venue is a popular one with our children. The musical talents often discovered in this room are a source of pride to all at the school. The development of our orchestra and Marimba Band are examples of how this venue has created an outlet for the enthusiasm and talent of our children. Many of our children also join the Westville Schools’ Orchestra where they are exposed to talented musicians (both children and teachers from other schools) who further encourage their love of music.

Outdoor Group Benches

The confines of a classroom are sometimes not suited to getting the best work from children, particularly when group discussions are involved. There are a large number of outdoor group benches situated around the school and it is very common to find groups of our children learning, sharing and interacting. These popular venues create a vibrancy to the school learning environment.

Art Centre

Art Centre

The benefits of art in all its forms is highly valued by WSPS. The development of creativity and right brain skills are essential in this rapidly changing world. Not only is art a part of the academic curriculum, but Art Clubs are offered at both junior and senior level. These clubs encourage those who display interest or talent to extend their abilities. The well-equipped art centre overlooks Sefton Field and often one will find children working on their creations outdoors. The vibrancy and freedom associated with this venue makes it a popular place for our children to learn and create.

Sport Fields

Wandsbeck Field

Wandsbeck Field, located in Westville Road, is the School’s main playing field. In summer it serves as the Wandsbeck Cricket Oval, home of the Westville Senior Primary 1st cricket XI. Three high quality cricket practice nets are located in the western corner of the field. An excellent floodlight facility allows for night cricket, always an exciting event!

In winter, Wandsbeck Field is converted into a rugby and soccer field where once again watching these matches under floodlights are highlights of the season, especially when we are playing one of our traditional rivals or in a derby match.

Extensive awning covered seating and a leafy backdrop make for pleasant and comfortable spectator viewing. The Swan Pavilion on the south bank, built by the Trust Fund, provides an excellent venue for teas and post-match functions. Watching matches from the Swan Pavilion balcony provides a comfortable and excellent view of the matches.

Sefton Field is situated to the eastern side of the school alongside Westville Road. Named after the first Principal of the school, Mrs Sefton, it converts from a cricket field in summer to a rugby and soccer field in winter. The Sefton Stands, another Trust Fund project, provides for pleasant viewing of the teams playing.

Westville Hockey Astroturf

Astro Turf

The Hockey Astroturf is located at Westville Girls’ High School. This facility was funded by the Westville Schools’ Trust, which compromises a partnership between Westville Boys’ High School, Westville Girls’ High School and Westville Senior Primary School in a 40:40:20 sharing ratio. The astroturf hosts practices, matches and tournaments.  Floodlights enable matches to take place at night. Since the construction of the astroturf the standard of hockey at WSPS has improved considerably. Future plans for this facility include upgraded change-rooms, a canteen and further seating.

Netball Courts

WSPS is blessed to have three excellent netball courts (McLaren, Chambers and Robertson). Named after past principals to remind us of our proud history, these courts are located within the school and cater for the large number of participants in this popular sport. Our girls compete in both outdoor matches and in the indoor action netball league.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Our swimming teams are competitive in the local leagues and their training is overseen by experienced and informed staff members. Those who exhibit the potential to become high performers are guided into the elite programmes run by the various swimming clubs in the greater Durban area. Our on premises pool is utilised predominantly for developmental swimming and activities during physical education lessons.

Badminton Court


Badminton is offered at levels varying from novice to highly competent. The WSPS court is located in the School Hall to eliminate weather interference and has proved to be a popular sport code.

Off-Campus Facilities

Space limitations mean that we make use of off campus facilities for some sport codes. Fortunately the favourable position of the school relative to facilities make this a relatively simple logistical exercise.

Apart from the shared Westville Astro Turf facility across the road at the Girls’ High School, other off campus facilities include the quality Westville Country Club court facilities for our tennis and squash teams. Our interhouse gala is hosted at the local municipal pool and always proves to be a competitive, popular and spirit-filled event.