Conduct and Manners

To uphold the image and prestige of the school:

  1. Always be respectful and helpful to visitors to the school and staff.
  2. Learners’ behaviour at all times must be an example to others.
  3. Learners must, in or out of school, behave in a manner which will retain the excellent
    reputation the school enjoys.

To instill self-respect, self-discipline and pride in school uniform:

  1. Learners must be correctly and neatly dressed at all times.
  2. All clothing, including shoes, must be clearly marked.
  3. The official school and sports bag must be used.
  4. Learners are required to wear the official tracksuit top or jersey in cooler weather. Coloured anoraks or coloured tops are not permitted.
  5. Hair – Boys: Extreme hairstyles are NOT acceptable. Hair is to be kept short and neatly styled. Hair must not cover ears or hang less than 3cm above shirt collar. No dye or highlights will be allowed.
    Hair – Girls: Extreme hairstyles are NOT acceptable. Shoulder length hair must be tied back. Only white hair accessories may be worn. No dye or highlights will be allowed.
  6. Jewellery. No jewellery, other than watches and one pair of plain sleepers or studs in pierced ears may be worn, by girls only.
  7. No nail polish may be worn.
  8. Chewing gum is not permitted.
Late Comers

To encourage punctuality, reliability and a sense of responsibility:

All late comers will be sent to the office by the class educators.

Movement about the School

To ensure safety of pupils and order and discipline:

Learners may not run on the corridors, stairs or in quadrangles. They must walk in single file, keeping to the left.


To promote environmental awareness, pride in school and to alleviate the responsibility of others having to clean after them:

Learners must keep the school litter free. All litter must be dropped in the bins provided.

Areas out of Bounds

For protection of property and self-discipline:

  1. Entrance, reception and office block, unless on official business.
  2. School hall.
  3. The staff room.
  4. All areas where cars are parked, fences and banks.
  5. Classrooms during breaks, before and after school.
  6. Undercover storeroom area.
  7. Swan Pavilion area.
  8. Functions room enclosed area.
  1. Learners may not leave the school grounds without the permission of the Headmaster or his Deputy.
  2. No fighting, bullying, intimidation, swearing or thieving will be tolerated.
  3. Skateboards and roller blades may not be brought to school.
  4. Bicycles may not be ridden in the school grounds. They must be pushed. No one is to tamper with bicycles or vehicles parked on the premises.
  5. Learners may only go to the sickroom with their teacher’s permission. This includes break times.
Contravention and Follow-up Action
Action Taken
Fighting, bullying, intimidation, swearing, petty theft, insubordination
Referral to Head or Management.
This could involve parental referrals.
Theft – major
Infringement of dress code
Running in school area
Riding a bicycle in school grounds
Chewing gum
Wearing jewellery
In out of bounds area
Late arrival at school
Disregard warnings given for contravening above
Report Book/Detention/Written work
Excessive litter at break
Clean grounds in place of break
Cheating in class
Cheating in tests / examinations
Letter to parents
Lying, blatant dishonesty
Bringing school’s name into disrepute
Warning letter
Damage to school’s property minor
Damage to property of others minor

Sexual harrassment :

  • Pulling down of shorts
  • Flipping up of skirts
Warning letter
Persistent disobedience and non-cooperation with an educator or the school authorities
Warning letter/suspension
Unsporting behaviour
Warning. Withdrawal from sports team
Actions obviously aimed at humiliating education and fellow-learners
Hurtful, nasty personalised grafitti
Warning letter
Distribution of obscene/pornographic material
Warning letter
Smoking at school
Warning letter
Use of alcohol at school
Use and/or peddling of drugs, pornographic materials and similar morally debilitating action
  • Threats to educators and deliberate and serious undermining of the authority of the Headmaster and educators
  • Threats of violence to fellow learners
  • Intimidation of others to enforce acquiescence
  • Action provoking racism
Serious assault: educator, non-educator, learner
Repeated defiance of the school authorities